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Winbosc (Shanghai) Technology Co. Ltd is an innovative company with personalized digital label printing press with full channel marketing platform, covering marketing operations, anti-counterfeiting traceability, inkjet coding and other comprehensive solutions.

Winbosc (Shanghai) Technology Co. Ltd is a High-Tech enterprises that focus in developing digital label printing system, providing customer with color management system, intelligent label MES system, printing services center, digital printing workflow development etc intelligent label production solution. It’s product include Cloudhybrid RG series digital label printing system, Cloudhybrid GMseries modular digital inkjet label printing system, Digispark digital enhancement printing system, “Apollo” flexo + digital label hybrid printing system, Cloudhybrid Plus series 7 Color digital inkjet label printing system etc.

Since its inception, Winbosc has been committed to providing the best quality, the most cutting-edge and the most stable Internet product for brand owners, packaging production suppliers, consumer communication platform.


Become a global digital packaging supplier with the latest technology and services


Excellence in Quality, Global sharing



Print Service Center

Qing Dao

No. 831, Xiangyuan Road,

high-tech zone, Qingdao City ,

Shandong Province


369 Cangye Road

Huaqiao Town, Kunshang City,

Jiangsu Province

Dong Guan

Room 307, building 2,

No. 3, Jiangcheng West Road, Gaobu Town,

Dongguan City, Guangdong 

Overseas Office


Blk 165 Gangsa Road #14-68

Singapore 670165


Email :
Tel : +65 96842103

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